Meet the artist.


Judith Kohler (Ostermeyer)

Painting and storytelling
My biggest fascination is to study and interact with animals. They have been my best friends and companions since my early childhood. I tried from an early age to paint and draw them, to create a parallel world where life is like paradise. The magic of the creative world opened for me through books full with fairytales and discovering science. I still love to tell stories with a double-meaning, which is in the tradition of the Leipzig Painting School, where I learned to understand the process to manifest and transmit imagination on a empty square of canvas with the great help of my teacher Professor Arno Rink, and Neo Rauch. In my work you will find the influence of the traditional German painters as well as the expressionist painters and symbolists and the influence of naive elements such as modern graffiti and tattoo art.
Mostly I work with oil colour on a big canvas, because it suits my need of movement. You will find lots of traditional symbolic, nudes and metaphors for fairytale. I illustrate my life in my work and my relationship with the world around me.
To create rooms and renovate houses is a other story of my life, its like painting for me to find the place where humans and animals can live close together in paradise without being “out of this world”.

Judith Kohler (Ostermeyer), born in 1974 in Spremberg, spent her childhood in Leipzig.
1990-2000 studied painting at the Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig under Arno Rink and Neo Rauch
2000 Master of Fine Art
1996 founding and management of horse owners community Dreiskau-Muckern
1995-2003 Renovation of a farm-Dreiskau Muckern
2003 Move into the old school Dreiskau-Muckern, renovation, founding the Studio Gallery Dr-Mu, with art projects, art auctions and courses.
2011 Moved to Ireland
2013 Renovation of a farm in Hazelhatch, founding the Hatch Bar Studio Gallery
2015 Marriage with Jan Kohler
Now lives and works in Ireland and Germany.

Travelling has allowed me to feed my curiosity of the world and undoubtedly influenced my work to an extent. Thus far I have had the opportunity to spend time in Iceland, South Africa, Tanzania, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, France, Poland, Italy, Florida, Spain, Australia, Maldives, Russia, Indonesia and Great Britain.

Art sessions and classes
I like to try to share my paradise and the sight for things with other people, also my love for nature.
I have taught painting, modelling and drawing for many years in Germany and now I Ireland. I have worked as a teacher for disabled people and for children with the help of my dogs and horses.



  • BBK Leipzig
  • Galerie Pich, Munich
  • Galerie Momenstrasse, Berlin
  • Dreiskau Muckern
  • Galerie Heindorf, Hamm
  • Galerie Skarbata, Leipzig
  • Galerie Bluthner, Leipzig
  • Ausstellungsbeteiligung, Berlin
  • Rochlitz Castle, Rochlitz
  • Galerie Storkower Boden, Berlin
  • Galerie Muller, Frankfurt
  • Galerie Gnandstein, Borna


The Studio

The Hatch Bar
This very special place was built c.1760 at Hazelhatch bridge on the Grand Canal. Due to its situation behind a built-up canal embankment, the two-storey building contends with different ground-levels. The changing levels and façade articulations combine to create a highly individual building with a rich history which contributes to the character of this canal complex.

The road-front bar is an iconic landmark, fondly remembered by locals and waterway tourists alike. The Art Deco pub front with the street-side gable end, with its stepped parapet is a testament to the unique character of the building.

The Studio
The bar and snug inside The Hatch retain their decades-old features and artefacts, and the space therefore retains its cosy warmth of familiarity and hospitality. The bar’s transformation to a working studio has been respectful of the original interior and yet offers the space to work, relax and share good company.

The view across the paddock to the distant Dublin hills is a treat, and as the light streams in through the south-facing window-panes, one can only take joy in being able to paint in such a space.

Hand lettering over studio entrance