It was a real pleasure to undertake a mural project at a boarding kennel recently – I got the opportunity to paint some animals which I always enjoy.

View of the main mural at Woofies.

The courtyard at the delightful Woofie’s Pet Boarding Kennels has now got some permanent canine residents! I was able to incorporate the water-feature into the design on the main wall, and at the same time inject some colour and activity into the mural with the dogs playing.

The theme of the playing doggies was continued on some smaller wall spaces around the courtyard. I was determined to use bright colours throughout to enhance the sense of fun in the space.

Detail of mural on small wall.
Detail from the main mural.

I really wanted to display the dogs having plenty of fun in all sorts of ways, hopefully it will impress upon the visiting doggies how much fun they will have during their stay!

It was a great project to be involved in, to adapt designs to different size spaces and I was very pleased with the outcome.

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